150W folding, flexible Sun Power solar panel for camping

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Sunpower 150W folding solar panel (Black)

Foldable flexible solar panel / blanket is very light and compact using high efficiency Sun Power cells (23.5%) and durable waterproof cloth.
Output connector comprises a genuine Anderson SB50 connector to suit the Australian camping environment. Simply run an Anderson to Anderson extension lead of your preferred length to your solar charger.
The solar panel works well laid on the ground but can also be hung up using the eyelets.
Waterproof cloth and encapsulated cells provide protection in a heavy heavy rain, see images.
Comes with a polyester/cotton blend underlay (3×95 cm)
See the video for a field demonstration.


Colour: Black
Peak-power (W) 150W
VPM (V) 18V
Maximum current (A) 8.3A
Voc (V) .2V
Isc (A) 10.4A
Maximum system voltage (V) 1000V
Cells conversion(%) 23.5%
Working temperature: –65 deg. C
peak-power temperature coefficient Pm (%/degC) -0.45%/Deg C
Voc temperature coefficient(%/Deg C) -0.35%/Deg C
Isc temperature coefficient(%/Deg C) +0.05%//Deg C (Tolerance(%) +-5%)
Test standard: Am 1.5   25 Deg C  1000W/m2
Cells  type: Sunpower high efficiency solar cell PET laminated
Materials: PET+ EVA + Waterproof cloth
Output connector: genuine Anderson SB50
NET Weight: 3.4 Kg
Foldable Size: 29.5 (L) x 38.8(W) x 3(H) CM
Unfolded Size: 155 (L) x 77.6 (W) x  0.2(H) CM

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